"Heavy guitars combine with a mix of socially, politically aware and fantastic sci-fi styled lyrics."
Guernsey Press 22/08/15

"Their rough hard rock swagger sees the tunes bouncing along pleasantly and promisingly too."

Terrorizer Magazine #263 (Rated 7/10)

"Gives me hope for this kind of music. They have been able to conjure up a unique sound of their own that is delicious and hard to forget."


"Villains took me back to a time of no worries and party time. Mötley Crüe meets Anthrax, meets Scorpions. Thumping bass guitar, powerhouse vocals, double bass and a lead player that makes me wish I would have practiced more."

Stoner HiVe (Rated 4/5)

"Packed full of grooves and some great riffs showing their stoner influences with pride – reminiscent of Sabbath & Kyuss amongst others."

TBFM Online

"Le groupe britannique mêle sonorités à l’ancienne, lorgnant du côté de certains glorieux anciens (non, pas Cthulhu jeune cultiste) mais plus Mötley Crüe ou Anthrax."

Le Webzine Des Immortels

"Alternative Metal band Stone Em All rocked the crowd at this year's Smaaashfest"

Guernsey Press, 28th August 2014

"It's hard to think of another local act that has had a better year. Not only do they have a gregarious frontman in Bobby Hotton but they have the added none-more-metal bonus of a twin axe assault in the shape of Bobby Didcott & Lee Oliver. Their recent performances were nothing less than exhilarating and we can expect more where that came from."

Vale Earth Fair Festival Guide, 24th August 2014

"Compared with the last time I saw them play, they came across like a new band: guitarists Bobby Didcott and Lee Oliver were both excellent apeing all the best metal, and new drummer Alex Charlwood brought a new power to the rhythm section."

Guernsey Press, 5th July 2014

"Sounds like early Skid Row!"

Simon Hall of Bloodstock Festival, 17th May 2014

"Was just listening to TBFM and caught Stone Em All. I was taken aback by pure Pantera brutal riffs. Then I listened to more – Pandora’s Box !!!!!"

MetalFamily.co.uk, 22nd August 2013

"In the past I have not been a fan of this band, today they impressed me. The band have a more complete and accomplished sound. Also, it has to be said, frontman Bobby Hotton’s antics certainly work better on the bigger stage offered by Chaos."

Tom Girard, tommygirard.wordpress.com, 20th July 2013

"The second day of Chaos started off with Stone Em All who have certainly upped their game since I last saw them play."

Guernsey Press, 20th July 2013

"Real grungy, party music. Definitely music to smash your face into some asses with."

Saffire Sanchez, The Courtesans, 2nd January 2013

"My favourite band so far has been Stone Em All"

Vale Earth Fair article, Guernsey Press, 27th August 2012

"Friday saw Stone Em All first up on stage in the Beer Tent.  They set the standard for nearly 60 other acts which followed."

Guernsey Globe, 18th July 2012

"Hello Cleveland! Stone Em All's Robert Hotton gives David St Hubbins a run for his money."

Guernsey Press, 19th May 2012

"Stone Em All played a mix of Doom Rock, Metal and Grunge which got the crowd involved..."

BBC News, 8th May 2012

"Cheers - Enjoyed hearing that!"

Lee Dorrian, Rise Above Records (Upon hearing Stone Em All play a cover of his Cathedral song Hopkins), 25th April 2012

"Stone Em All? Is that some kind of Arab Metal?"

Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer writer, 5th November 2011